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Proverbs 31:30—This ministry to women is designed to inspire Godly Living And Maturing (G.L.A.M.) through teaching women how to fulfill and execute the plan of God for their lives, as they live out their roles as women, wives and mothers. The meetings are centered around subject discussions, concerns, and the general welfare of women.


G.L.A.M. women of Kingdom Life are challenged to Christian maturity through interaction with God’s Word and one another.


Bible studies, programs and events will encourage your heart, enrich your life and strengthen your relationships.



Ministry Leader: Lady Tonya Crowley    Email:





1 Corinthians 13:11 – During this time of fellowship, men are taught how to fulfill the role God has designed for them. This ministry is designed to teach men how to fulfill and execute the plan of God for their lives as they live out their roles as men, husbands and fathers. The dialogue is centered around subjects, concerns, fellowship and the general health of men.


Yearly, the men of Kingdom Life are challenged to read through the Bible in a year. Additionally, there is a book assigned for the men to read throughout the year and participate in discussions as assigned.


Every other month the men’s ministry is engaged in fellowship activities such as; bowling, paint ball, golfing, fishing and hunting.



Ministry Leader: Bishop Marc Crowley      Email:





Hebrews 12:1-2 – This “singles”ministry supports those sons and daughters who are unmarried for any reason. This ministry helps singles to live life without the weights and sins which so easily besets us. This ministry is also a great preparatory class for those desiring to be married to rid themselves of unnecessary baggage.


Quarterly, this ministry meets for fellowship activities for spiritually progressive like-minded people. Through very real discussions, the challenges of being single and sanctified in a very unsanctified world are wrestled with and overcome.


Periodically the singles ministry meets for fellowship opportunities such as; movies, plays, travelling and retreats.



Ministry Leader: Bishop Marc Crowley     Email:





Genesis 2:24 – This ministry seeks to help married couples overcome the challenges and obstacles of marriage. This ministry teaches the skills to survive and thrive in the process of two becoming one. Through practical exercises and candid dialogue, couples are strengthened in their commitment to God and each other.


Quarterly, the married couple’s ministry meets for specific workshops designed to strengthen trust and communication in marriages. In addition workshops are taught in the areas of the challenges of children and changing with times.



Ministry Leaders: Bishop Marc & Lady Tonya Crowley      Email:



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