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Last Updated November 6th, 2020

I pray you have experienced and seen the faithfulness of God during this time of shutdown due to Covid-19. I just wanted to give you an update concerning our return to in-person services. Despite the orders of the Government, State and County leaders to “open” churches, it is my heartfelt belief that it is not in our best interest to open at this time.


The order issued, along with the phase opening plans allow us to meet, however, given the social distancing guidelines and the square footage of our meeting space, we are severely limited in the number of individuals who could actually attend. Our leadership team will determine when such a time is both maximally safe and appropriate to return. Therefore, we will continue with online services and weekly chat & chew zoom meetings. Additionally, while the weather is agreeable, we are intending to host a few parking lot socials. This will be a time for us to see each other in person, love on each other, and catch-up. In the meantime, be sure to engage the Word and the streaming services as often as possible, apply that Word to your life, and declare your health, wholeness, and soundness through the Lord Jesus Christ. Please do not ignore your emails from KL as they will contain pertinent information. Stay God-strong! Lady T and I love you all.


All the Best,



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